Success Stories

Inspiring stories of love and dedication

Meet Flynn:


Hi there! I had a pretty tough time when my owner passed away, but I was lucky to end up at Maryland Westie Rescue where I got adopted. My new mommy takes such good care of me – which is important because I have Cushing’s Disease. It causes my body to make too much of a hormone called cortisol, which can weaken my immune system. But my mommy makes sure I stay as healthy as possible. We are very close, which really helped last spring when we lost my dad, her husband, as well as my brother who was a Scottie. It was a really tough time, and we were so glad to have each other.

Nowadays, Mommy makes me feel like a king! Don’t I look regal on this green couch? I just wanted you to know that my story had a happy ending full of love. I hope the same is true for all the homeless dogs out there.